Skateland coming to Forest Hill
Added on 16/06/2017 by Simply

Skateland closed due to the redevelopment of Eastland in late 2014 and Simply have been searching for a new location ever since! Finally we have found the perfect location in nearby Forest Hill.

The new location was formerly a gym, and the interesting layout is going to enable us to bring you the best indoor Simply venue yet! We have an indoor concrete bowl going in over a former swimming pool, as well as a concrete street section over different levels with all the rails, ledges and gaps you could wish for. The venue is across two levels with a burger bar overlooking the street and bowl sections and of course the Simply retail shop.

We are thrilled to be bringing you back Skateland and welcome you to email suggestions, ideas, and feedback to with the subject title “Ideas for new Skateland”.

We anticipate opening in late 2017, in the interim stay tuned for some crazy relocating sales at our Ringwood Retail Store.

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