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Simply Skateboarding is owned by ‘parents’ (just one’s that skateboard!!) so we understand your concerns when it comes to safety and care of your children.  All our programs are run by accredited coaches (through either Skateboarding Australia or BMX Freestyle and the Australian Sports Commission). Our staff also hold a senior first aid qualification,  a working with children check; and are experienced working with children of all abilities.

Simply Skateboarding is a youth orientated company, and many of our programs offer training and development for the teenage through to the early twenties bracket, who; when suitably trained, we then take on as staff.  These young people have been recruited and selected based on their skills and attributes within skateboarding and BMX, and in many cases are highly gifted riders who we hope will inspire your children to progress in these sports.

Commonly asked Questions

What equipment do we need to provide?

A. Dependant on the workshop or clinic, any specific equipment required will be highlighted on the event booking page. As a general rule Simply Skateboarding provides helmets, safety equipment and skateboards. We do not currently offer BMX use during clinics, however please contact us should you require this, as we will try to help where we can. Many children prefer to wear their own helmets.  We do always ask you to bring a smile 🙂

What are the assocatied costs?

A. Most of our programs, competitions, clinics and events at outdoor facilities are free. Check on the event or booking page to make sure, sometimes there may be an associated cost when food or travel  is offered, or in the case of individual tuition. Prices for lessons in store are further detailed in the store lesson brochure.

What does my child need to wear?

A. Your child should wear sturdy flat soled sneakers (PLEASE NO THONGS OR SANDALS!) and clothing that is comfortable  and  not restrictive. Long hair should be tied back and dangling earrings or jewlery should be avoided. Staff will check your child is appropriately dressed on the day to ensure safety.

How old should my child be to start lessons?

A. Generally Simply Skateboarding start lessons with children from 6 years of age. We find that by this age childrens’ motor and cognitive abilities are developed enough for them to begin developing skills within the sports in a clinic environment. We do understand there is exceptions, and in many cases we have offered private tuition to these younger children. Please contact us if this is required for your child.

What are the staff ratios?

A.Staff ratios are 1:8, meaning we have one coach on to 8 participants. In many of our beginner clinics and lessons we have two coaches, or have only 6 participants, to ensure greatest development and staff time spent with each child.

What skills can I expect they will learn?

A. Dependant on the clinic or lesson, participants can learn everything from the basics to the complex. We have coaches specialising in all areas from beginner to professional standards.  In a standard ‘learn to skate 8 week program’ participants will learn skills such as stance, balance, safety, skateboard equipment & maintenance, pushing, transitions and basic skills.

How long are lessons and workshops?

A. Lessons, clinics and workshops vary dependant on the program. Check on the event page or booking page. Generally clinics and lessons are 40 minutes duration at external venues and 1 hr indoor.

Do you have any ‘girl specific’ programs?

A. We have girls programs and clinics and even have female staff! Please enquire for further information.

Do you offer programs and clinics for children with special needs?

A. We offer our programs and clinics to children of all abilities. To allow us to best cater for your child in a safe and inclusive manner we ask you to inform us of your childs’ special need so we can most appropriately place them within a lesson or program. This also ensures our staff are aware and can structure the lesson plan to best suit the individual childs’ learning style.

What if we don’t have any Simply Skateboarding programs running at our local skate & BMX park?

A. You are always welcome to come to our range of programs at parks we already service, or you can always tell your local council about the great work we do! 🙂

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